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Firstdate started on 1 December 2008 with the aim of becoming Scandinavia’s greatest social network for romance. An ambitious goal perhaps, but even now after just a few years of persistent work, we can boast of being the most frequently visited social network for romance in Scandinavia with more than 1 million(!) members and more than 20,000 subscribers. Every day, around 100,000 singles visit Firstdate. Firstdate gets a new member every 30 seconds.

No other social network for romance has more singles on-line every day than Firstdate in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland.
A full 82% of Firstdate’s Gold Members meet someone they like.

Because we have so many members who actually meet one another, we have introduced a totally unique Date Guarantee which means that if you have been a Gold Member for more than 6 months, you will get everything back if you do not meet someone you like!

There are many other services of a similar kind, but we think and hope that we have produced a better service with many more exciting functions which make it easier and more fun for you to meet someone you like via Firstdate. In addition, we have concentrated hard on security and the integrity of your information. As a member, you can always feel secure with us. You should also read our good advice under the heading: “Important to bear in mind“.

If you have any questions or opinions about our services, you are very welcome to get in touch with us. We try to be really keenly aware of our beloved members’ wishes – your requests and opinions will enable us to make our service even better. The simplest way to contact us is by logging in at Firstdate and clicking on “contact Firstdate ”

Our next goal is to become the leading social network for romance in Europe, but first we intend becoming best in Scandinavia!